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SCREWSEAL™ is a synergy product combining ORIENS’ competence with the Giantlok’s service offerings, it enables to troubleshoot and provide valued-added solution in industrial electrical wiring outdoor management and make it the only waterproof wire connectors available in the market.

SCREWSEAL™ is a wire connector designed in a way that integrates twist-on wire connectors and adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing. SCREWSEAL™ are perfectly designed for outdoor electrical wire splices, especially those exposed to water, wet and corrosive environments. SCREWSEAL™ is ideal for outdoor electronic device protection such as surveillance, commercial display, and lighting system etc.


How to Use

Select a Screwseal that conforms to the wire specification.

Note: Peel off 1/2″ from each wire end
Hold the aligned wires and insert the screw seal while rotating it clockwise
Tighten the screw seal by rotating it clockwise

Heat the shrink tube using a heat shrink gun

Caution: Do not apply heat to the connector

Completely deflate the shrink tubing to complete the job

Allow connection to cool for 10-15 seconds



Solnector is a connector designed as all-in-one with bonded heat shrink tube and preform solder. Since the preform solder applied to the Solnector is designed as a lead-free low-temperature solder having a low melting point of 138°C, it is possible to perform fast and reliable soldering work with hot air work, and the wire connected by soldering has excellent current flow and strong tensile strength. The bonded heat shrink tube of translucent polyolefin material has a shrinkage ratio of 3:1 and can be widely applied to various wires. When connecting the wires of the Solnector, it is possible to visually check the soldering process inside the Solnector and its work progress. In addition, the bond applied to the inner surface of the tube prevents corrosion of the wire connection area and blocks the inflow of moisture and contaminants. Wires connected using Solnector can be connected more safely by providing soldering, insulation, and waterproofing.


How To Use

Select a Solnector that conforms to the wire specification.
Peel off 1/2″ from each wire end
Connect the strands of wires after pre-inserting the solnector into one wire
Place the Solnector in the center of the connected wire
Place a heating fan equipped with a reflector in the center of the connected Solnector
Blow hot air and apply heat evenly until the solder melts between the wires

Allow connection to cool for 10-15 seconds

Tools Needed

10mm nozzle (Reflector)
Steinel Heating Gun


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