Made-To-Order Lights

Sunbound has specialized in crafting custom lights for over a decade. We make it simple and easy to order lights and provide countless options to mix and match for the perfect solution. Custom lights are built with Sunbound’s UL Listed LED light strip, and quality checked at our facility before getting packaged. MTO Kits come equipped with custom LED lights that are ready to install, Sunbound’s UL Listed LED Drivers, and all the necessary materials to complete a professional installation.

multiple applications

Sunbound Lighting carries a large variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting, custom made for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, closet, displays, laundry area, and garage.

save time, save labor

Our factory assembly services significantly reduce installation time and labor costs. Our factory in Whitehall, Pennsylvania quick and consistent production lead times that give you the ability to select specific products that are factory finished and to exact specification.

Step 1: frame type

profile options for various applications

Surface Mount - SR Series

Angled Mount - AN Series

Recessed Mount - RE Series

Closet Rod - CL Series

Wall Washer - WA Series

Recessed Wall - MU/DR Series

SuspendeD - SU Series

Outdoor - OD Series

SNAP In - SN Series

Step 2: frame length

We'll Build lights at any size, down to the 1/8th inch

Step 3: frame color


Step 4: led module

choose the temperature that suits your style

Step 5: wire color

determine your wire color

Step 6: Wire Leads

how many wire leads do you need

Step 7: wire leads

How will you connect your led lights

step 8: wire length

we provide wire leads as long as you need

spec your own mto light

Name Part Description Options
Frame Type
Choose from our 22 Different Styles
Surface (100-500), Recess (100-600), Angled (100-200), Closet (100-200), Suspended (100-300), Washer (100-200), Muf-In (100-300), Drywall 100, Outdoor 100
Frame Length
Any Length from 5" - 78"
05" - 78"
Frame Color
We can make your frame profile in any color
Silver (Standard), White (WH), Black (BL), Brown (BR), Tan (TA), Other
LED Module
Choose from 4 single color options or multi-colored
2700K (27), 3000K (30), 4000K (40), 5000K (50), RGB (CO)
Wire Color
Choose from 3 colors of wire
Black (BL), White (WH), Clear (CL)
Wire Leads
How many leads needed on the light
Homerun (HR), Series (SE), Link Light (LK)
Wire Ends
How you want to connect your lights to the feed wire
Bare Leads (BL), Barrel Plug (BP), Plug & Play (PP)
Wire Length
Any Length from 1ft - 20ft
12" - 240"

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