Customizing Guide

Custom PaneLites are designed and crafted to specification, with options for every type of application. Learn more about the unique custom features of the PaneLite System below.

Customizing PaneLites

We are here to help light your project. Email us with an idea of your design, a blueprint, or provide specific measurements for your LED panels. A customer representative will help design the panels into your project based on your requirements and budget.

1. Panel Shape

Round, square or any shape in between. Send us a drawing or computer drafted plan and we will help design a panel based on your specifications.

2. Panel Size

Each PaneLite is crafted by hand to the exact dimensions specified:

Width Length
2in (50mm)
2in (50mm)
78in (2000mm)
94in (2400mm)

3. Lighting Edge

To ensure the ideal light output for your project, each LED light panel is custom fabricated with the option of embedding LEDs along 1 edge, 2 opposing edges or along all 4 edges. 

4. Frame Style

Choose between a framed design (ideal for signage and large panels) or frame-less design (suitable for counter-tops, backsplashes and commercial spaces).

5. Color Temperature


Soft White


Pure White


True White


Full Color Scale

6. Wiring Options


Black Wire

White Wire


Home Run

1 Wire Lead


2 Wire Leads


Our standard lead is 12 inches, but we can provide wire leads up to 10 feet in length. Each lead can be cut in the field and connected in series or home run, depending on your installation.

7. Choose a Driver

Sunbound offers a wide range of LED drivers for every type of application. We can provide a single driver to power the entire system, or provide multiple drivers to power each section separately. Each project is unique, so be sure to ask a team member what solution is best for you.

Click here to learn more about our Hardwire and Plug-In Driver options

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