Customizing Guide​

Our goal is to streamline the process of getting custom LED lights designed and implemented into your projects. The LumiLite System includes LED lights made to specification, LED driver to power the lights, mounting hardware, connectors and additional products to help provide a professional installation. Below are guidelines to ordering The LumiLite™ and PaneLite™ Systems which dealers can use for designing lighting into upcoming projects.

Design Layout

Sunbound Lighting offers a free layout design service for our clients. Simply send us a floorplan or elevations of your project to our sales team. A representative will contact you within 24 hours to provide a recommended layout and quote. We can provide updates, make suggestions and answer any questions you have along the process.

Custom Options

Whether you are interested in ordering custom lighting online, by phone or by email, knowing the variations to the LumiLite System will help when determining your needs. Follow the steps below to ensure you have the correct specifications for each light and every project.

1. Frame Profile

Choose from 10 unique aluminum profiles, including surface mount, recess mount and mud-in options. We have a frame type for nearly every application.

Click here to learn more about our profile options

2. Frame Length

All lighting frames are cut to exact specification:

Minimum Length:  3 inches

Maximum Length:  78 inches

Smallest Increment:  1/8th inch

For lengths over 78″, we custom link two or three lights together at our facility and ship as one light.

3. Color Temperature


Warm White


Soft White


Pure White


True White


Full Color Scale

4. Wiring Options


Black Wire

White Wire


Home Run

1 Wire Lead


2 Wire Leads


Pre-Made Link


Our standard lead is 12 inches, but we can provide wire leads up to 10 feet in length. Each lead can be cut in the field and connected in series or home run, depending on your installation.

5. Choose a Driver

Sunbound offers a wide range of LED drivers for every type of application. We can provide a single driver to power the entire system, or provide multiple drivers to power each section separately. Each project is unique, so be sure to ask a team member what solution is best for you.

Click here to learn more about our Hardwire and Plug-In Driver options

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