Ready-To-Install (RTI) LED Linear Lights

Choose from Sunbound’s selection of recess or surface mounted profiles and we’ll build a light exact to your specifications. Want a very warm light or super cool light or something in between? No problem, we’ve got a wide selection of light color temperatures. Need a specific color of frame? We can do that, too.

We can create your lights as short as 5 inches long, as long as 78 inches, and exact to the 1/16th inch. For longer runs, we link units together to create one long light length. Every light is dimmable so you can adjust their intensity to suit the scene or application.

Why RTI Lights?


Sunbound’s linear lights are custom crafted in our facility for your project. We provide a number of options for frame type, frame length, color temperature, voltage, and wiring schematics of each LED light.


There are 15 unique recess and surface mounted frame profiles to fit your application. Lights can be pre-linked together at our facility to wrap around corners or brackets. We can even provide linear lights for using outdoors.


Take advantage of our free layout design service. From design to implementation, we provide assistant throughout the project to achieve your lighting requirements. Our friendly staff can always be reached during business hours.


Choose an LED strip that suits your application. All of our lights are fully dimmable and compatible with many of the leading dimmers and smart devices on the market. Sunbound lights are able to illuminate any closet or cabinet with ease.

Order By Project

You can order linear lights for each project, or buy in bulk and save. Every lighting order includes mounting hardware and connectors to complete your install. We provide drivers, dimmers and an array of accessories for a professional installation.


Sunbound linear LED lights are assembled using high quality LED modules fused to durable brushed aluminum frames. We are so confident in our products that we back them with a guaranteed 5 year warranty.

LED Profiles

Choose from 15 different frame types for your application

LED Accessories

Optional accessories for a complete LED installation

LED Drivers

Power your LED linear light system

Ready-To-Install Guide

Learn how to customize and order your LED linear lights