Do-It-Yourself Linear Lights

Assemble and install LED linear lights into your home, office or commercial lighting project with Sunbound’s Do-It-Yourself LED linear light system. We provide all the components needed for a professional LED installation. Choose from a variety of aluminum channels, LED tape, LED drivers and accessories to complete your project. You can even tell us how long you need your leads and we will add it for you at no additional cost. There is no limit to how much you can customize your LED lights with our Do-It-Yourself system.

LED Strips

Our 24V Lighting Strips provide a continuous 

LED Profiles

Choose from 15 different frame types for your application

LED Components

Additional components for a complete LED installation

LED Drivers

Power your LED linear light system

Do-It-Yourself Guide

Learn how to customize and install your LED linear lights

Why DIY Lights?


Choose from our large selection of frame profiles, LED modules, and accessories to get exatly what you need for your project.

Continuous Runs

There is no limit to your DIY designs. Simply mount your choice of frame profile and use our flexible LED tape to create runs of up to 75ft! 

Custom Angles

Cut your frame to specification at the job site so your projects are always exact and precise.

Easy Ordering

Order in small quantities for individual projects, or order in bulk to save more.


Sunbound provides a variety of no-solder connectors to attach your LED tape to the wire leads, and to connect light to light.


Our UL listed LED strips are guaranteed to last up to 50,000 hours. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 5 year warranty.