Plug & Play Switches

Plug & Play switches bring control to the Plug & Play drivers. Simply pick which switch is best suitable for your application and plug it directly into the LED driver for control. We have recess and surface mount options for any application.

Push Button

On and off touch switch 

  • Recessed into cabinet or door

  • Blue LED indicator always lit up

  • Easy to turn on and off single light or a group.

  • Plugs directly into Plug & Play driver


Input:  24V DC
Power:  192W
Button:  Blue LED

Motion Sensor

Lights turn on when you walk near the sensor

  • Light turns on when it senses motion

  • 40 second timer until light turns off

  • Sensor reaches up to 7ft

  • Great for closets and closed spaces


Input:  24V DC
Power:  192W
Delay Time: 40 seconds

Door Sensor

Control LED Lights by single door cabinet

  • Easy to mount inside cabinet near door

  • Lights automatically turn on when door open

  • Lights automatically turn off when door closes

  • JST connector plugs directly into Plug & Play driver


Input:  24V DC
Power:  192W
Detection Range:  1 Inch

Other Controllers

More Sunbound Lighting control options for a complete LED installation