Custom Linear Lighting

Led Linear Lights (LumiLites) are made to specification at our facility. Choose from a number of customization options to best suite your project needs. We help design, then craft each light, providing a ready-to-install kits for contractors and designers. LumiLites are a perfect way to light up cabinets, closets, hallways and displays.

Custom Panel Lighting

LED Panel Lights (PaneLites) can be made into any shape/size imaginable up to 4ft by 8ft. Illuminated from one edge, opposite edges, or the entire panel to highlight underneath/behind translucent material. Great for countertops, backsplashes, indoor/outdoor displays, and more.

LED Drivers

LED Drivers power the Sunbound Lighting Systems and provide quiet, flicker-free dimming for every project. Available for both 12V and 24V LED Lighting Systems.