Do-It-Yourself Lights

Do It Yourself (DIY) Lighting Kits make it easy to professionally assemble and install LED lights on the job site. We recommend this kit for projects that require continuous runs over 15 feet, or projects that require cutting and mitering on site. DIY Kits contain all the materials necessary for a complete installation, including Sunbound UL Listed LED Tape, Sunbound UL Listed driver, aluminum channels, and a variety of accessories to complete the installation. Call or email us to learn more about the Sunbound Do It Yourself system.

Step 1: aluminum channels

profile options for various applications

Step 2: led Strip

various color temperatures

Step 3: power supply

pick a driver that powers your system

Step 4: Controller

choose how to conrol your lights

Step 5: Connectors

pick your connector

Step 6: Accessories

various accessories to complete your project

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